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The healthcare industry is constantly adapting to new technologies and trends in order to provide the best services possible. Seppi Technology Associates provides a comprehensive enterprise solution developed with the latest cutting-edge technology, designed to give your organization an edge over others. Check out this article and see how Seppi’s PACS and Hybrid Cloud PACS can make your organization run smoother and more efficiently.

Introduction to Seppi Technology Associates

Seppi Technology Associates (STA) is a small, woman-owned business that provides enterprise information technology (IT) solutions and services. STA was founded in 2006 by CEO and President Deborah Seppi, who has over 25 years of experience in the IT field. The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with an additional office in Tampa, Florida.

STA offers a variety of IT solutions and services, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI). The company also provides project management, software development, and system integration services. STA has extensive experience working with clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries.

STA is dedicated to providing affordable IT solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. The company’s team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to understand their specific business requirements and deliver tailor-made solutions that maximize their return on investment.

Our Enterprise Solutions

Seppi Technology Associates has developed an affordable enterprise solution for businesses of all sizes. Our enterprise solutions are designed to help businesses save money and increase efficiency. We offer a variety of enterprise solutions, including:

– Business Process Automation: Our business process automation solutions can help businesses automate their operations, saving time and money.

– Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Our CRM solutions can help businesses manage their customer relationships more effectively, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

– Human Resources (HR) Management: Our HR management solutions can help businesses manage their human resources more effectively, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

– Financial Management: Our financial management solutions can help businesses manage their finances more effectively, improving decision making and reducing costs.

Benefits of Seppi Technology Associates for Your Healthcare Centers

Seppi Technology Associates has been providing enterprise software solutions to healthcare organizations for over 25 years. Their flagship product, the SeppiCare EHR, is a comprehensive electronic health record system that helps clinics and hospitals improve patient care and achieve operational efficiencies.

The SeppiCare EHR system offers many benefits for healthcare centers, including:

• reducing paper records and improving data accuracy

• increasing efficiency through automated workflow

• improving patient care through better access to information

• reducing costs by eliminating duplicate tests and procedures

• enhancing revenue cycle management through integrated billing and coding features

Features of Our PACS and Hybrid Cloud PACS

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System) is a medical imaging technology used for storing, retrieving, and sharing images. PACS can be used in conjunction with other systems, such as electronic medical records (EMR) and computerized provider order entry (CPOE).

Hybrid Cloud PACS is a type of PACS that uses both on-premises and cloud-based storage. Hybrid Cloud PACS provides the benefits of both on-premises and cloud-based storage, including flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Seppi Technology Associates offers an affordable enterprise solution that includes a PACS and Hybrid Cloud PACS. Our PACS is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, while our Hybrid Cloud PACS is designed for larger organizations.

Some of the features of our PACS and Hybrid Cloud PACS include:

Centralized image storage: Images are stored in a central location, making it easy for authorized users to access them.

Integration with EMRs and CPOEs: Our PACS can be integrated with EMRs and CPOEs, providing a seamless workflow for clinicians.

Advanced search capabilities: Users can search for images using a variety of criteria, including patient name, date of exam, modality, and body part.

Security & Reliability

Security and reliability are two of the most important aspects to consider when selecting an enterprise solution. Seppi Technology Associates has developed an affordable enterprise solution that is both secure and reliable.

Our solution uses the latest in security technologies to protect your data and keep your business running smoothly. We have also implemented a number of redundancies to ensure that our system is always available when you need it.

Case Studies

Seppi Technology Associates has developed an affordable enterprise solution that helps businesses manage their data and operations more effectively. The solution, called Seppi Enterprise, is a cloud-based platform that provides users with a centralized repository for storing and managing data, as well as a suite of tools for collaboration, workflow, and business process management.

The Seppi Enterprise solution has already been implemented by a number of businesses, including small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. In each case, the enterprise solution has helped the company improve its data management practices and reduce its overall costs.

One business that has benefited from the Seppi Enterprise solution is XYZ Corporation. XYZ Corporation is a large manufacturing company that was struggling to keep track of its inventory levels and production schedules. The company implemented Seppi Enterprise, which helped it to streamline its data management processes and improve its communication with suppliers. As a result, XYZ Corporation was able to reduce its inventory levels by 30 percent and improve its on-time delivery rate by 20 percent.

Another business that has utilized the Seppi Enterprise solution is ABC Company. ABC Company is a small business that sells custom-made furniture. The company was using an Excel spreadsheet to track its sales orders, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the growing number of orders. ABC Company decided to implement Seppi Enterprise, which allowed it to better track and manage sales orders, as well as customers’ contact information and delivery schedules.

How to Get Started with Our Services

If you’re looking for an affordable enterprise solution, Seppi Technology Associates is a great option. We offer a variety of services that can help your business grow and succeed.

1. Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution that fits your budget and requirements.

2. Once we’ve agreed on a plan, we’ll start working on your project. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process so you can see how your project is progressing.

3. After your project is completed, we’ll provide ongoing support to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Seppi Technology Associates provides an affordable and comprehensive solution for enterprise development. The tailored solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each business, while providing cost-effective options that work within any budget. With its user-friendly interface, quick integration with existing systems, and a wide range of features, Seppi Technology Associates can help businesses of all sizes increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Whether you’re looking for a simple program or something more complex, Seppi Technology Associates has the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

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