Trump’s I Was A Businessman Doing Business Quote Memes

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The meme’s origin is a video clip of the final 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate in October 2020. In the video, Trump responds to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s criticism of his tenure at the Trump Organisation by saying “I was a businessman doing business.” The phrase became Popular on social media and is often used as a reaction image for various contexts on Twitter.

Trump’s I Was A Businessman Doing Business Quote Memes

If you’re like most people, you probably first heard about Donald Trump’s now-infamous “I Was a BusinessMan Doing Business” quote from one of the many memes that have been circulating around the internet. While the quote itself is pretty ridiculous, it’s even more entertaining when you see it in context.

Trump made the comment during an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, in which he was trying to explain his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Here’s the full quote:

“I was a businessman doing business, and I got hit with this stuff about Russia, and I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to fire him.'”

As you can see, the quote doesn’t really make any sense. But that didn’t stop people from turning it into a meme. And to be honest, we can’t really blame them. Trump’s quotes are often ripe for mocking, and this one is no exception.

There are plenty of different versions of the meme, but they all basically make the same point: Trump is an idiot. And while that may not be news to anyone at this point, it’s still funny to see it spelled out so clearly.

Trump’s Quote

“I was a businessman doing business. I made a lot of money for myself and for my companies, and I’m very proud of that,” said Trump in an interview with ABC News in 2015.

This quote from Trump has been turned into a popular meme, with people adding their own humorous spin to it. I got good grades and went to college, and I’m very proud of that.”

I got paid less than my male colleagues, and I’m very proud of that.”

Whether you love or hate Trump, there’s no denying that he’s provided some great material for memes!

Trump’s Successful Businesses

Trump's Successful Businesses

There’s no question that Donald Trump is a successful businessman. He’s built a hugely successful real estate empire, and his name is now synonymous with luxury and success. But what many people don’t know is that Trump’s businesses haven’t always been successful. In fact, Trump has had to declare bankruptcy several times over the course of his business career.

Despite this, Trump always seems to bounce back and come out on top. He’s a true survivor in the world of business, and his tenacity is one of the things that has made him so successful. In a recent interview, Trump was asked about his business failures, and he responded with a now-famous quote: “I never went bankrupt.”

This quote has since been turned into a meme, and it’s being used by Trump supporters to show that he’s a successful businessman who always manages to make a comeback. No matter what you think of Trump, you have to admit that he’s a pretty impressive guy when it comes to business.

The Trump Family & Donald’s Children

From Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the Trump name is everywhere. And with that name comes a lot of quotes. Some of them are funny, some of them are serious, but all of them are perfect for meme-ing.Here are some of our favourite Trump family quote memes:


There’s no doubt that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is a savvy businesswoman. But some people are wondering if she’s a little too savvy. After all, she did just release a book titled Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success.

Critics say that the book is full of “out-of-touch” advice, like telling women to “find a mentor” and to “lean in.” But perhaps the most controversial advice comes from Trump herself: “Don’t be afraid to negotiate,” she writes.

Some people are objecting to this advice, saying that it’s tone-deaf in today’s political climate. After all, many women are still fighting for basic rights and equality. They argue that Trump’s advice ignores the reality of working women’s lives.

What do you think? Is Ivanka Trump’s advice helpful or out-of-touch? Let us know in the comments!

His Grandson, Baron Trump

His Grandson, Baron Trump

Baron Trump is the young son of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. He is currently eleven years old and attends the Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in New York City.

Baron has been the subject of a few memes, mostly due to his grandfather’s (President Donald Trump) often quoted statement, “I was a businessman doing business.” One popular meme features a picture of Baron with the quote, “I was a kid doing kid things.”

Other memes involving Baron show him looking confused or uninterested while his grandfather speaks at various events. These Memes typically use the caption “Baron Trump looking bored AF” or something similar.

Mike Pence

Donald Trump’s “I Was A BusinessMan Doing Business” Quote Memes have been making the rounds on social media, and they’re pretty hilarious. Mike Pence is featured prominently in many of them, and he seems to be taking it all in stride. In fact, he even retweeted one of the memes!

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