How to install Many Chat on WordPress

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Do you want to start using ManyChat to send targeted messages through your WordPress website? There are a number of ways that you can integrate ManyChat into your WordPress site, and today we’re going to run through the easiest ways using various WordPress plugins. We will tell you how to install Many Chat on WordPress in your domain.

What Is a ManyChat Sequence?

The ManyChat Sequence is a series of messages that are sent to your Facebook Page’s fans. You can customize how the content looks in each message and you can control the order in which they are delivered.

Using ManyChat, you can:

Send out coupons to people who’ve purchased items in your store. We work with several well-known e-commerce software including Shopify, which gives you the capability of creating and sending customized coupons with ease. Many stores also offer a coupon of some sort in the welcome email that goes out to any new customers. This is a great way to encourage repeat purchases, especially if you have a loyal following or already see yourself as providing an exceptional customer service experience.

Here at UltiLetter, we’ve spent a lot of time studying Facebook marketing and online conversion optimization, so we were excited to see how WordPress could help. Sometimes, just asking for the sale isn’t enough. There needs to be something more that draws your prospect in. And what better way to encourage them than with personalization specifically tailored towards their likes and interests? Using both custom data fields and our new WordPress integration tool, you can build personalized campaigns unlike any other by giving them discounts or freebies around topics they actually care about. We love when businesses are personal — because let’s face it, you deserve better leads than anyone else!

Make a ManyChat WordPress Integration


Let’s give your Facebook audience a friendly reminder to register before they forget!

List of steps we’re going to work through:

1) Install the WPForms Plugin

2) Create Your ManyChat WordPress Form

3) Publish Your ManyChat WordPress Form

4) Connect WPForms to Zapier

5) Connect ManyChat to Zapier

Install the WPForms Plugin

Start by installing

Activating the WPForms plugin.

If you need help installing the plugin.

Then see this guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

All setup? Great.

Then let’s create a ManyChat form.

Create Your ManyChat WordPress Form


Creating a new form in WPForms.

In WordPress, go to WordPress Forms “Add New”

To make this step really easy.

We’re going to use the camp registration form template.

When someone fills out the form.

We’ll add them to the Sequence.

So that they can receive reminders on Messenger.

At the top.

Give your form a name.

Then scroll down.

Next Search for the template.

Then click it

WordPress Forms will open the form builder.

Complete guide to creating your first form.

Click the orange Save button to save your form.

Publish the form on your website.

Publish Your ManyChat WordPress Form

Really easy to publish form. WordPress Forms lets you do this without editing.

Publish the form in 3 places:

In a blog post.

On a page.

In the sidebar.

Let’s add our form to a page.

Click the blue Publish or Update.

Create your page.

1 test entry through the form.

Give Zapier some data to work within the next step.

Then this is ready to start work in Zapier.

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